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Afloat at last

Posted by on October 24, 2011
The Magic Badger

The Magic Badger


This our sixth evening aboard The Magic Badger, previously Rainbow Chaser, we just haven’t been able to tell anyone yet due to power and wi-fi issues. Our first day was spent cleaning out the bilges. For those of you who have never done this before I really can’t recommend it, however, as gruesome a task as it was, it was great to be finally doing something.



Hot in the kitchen

Hot in the kitchen



The first two evenings aboard I hardly slept due to the heaving, swaying and rocking of the boat but by the third night I managed a decent nights sleep. We’re moored in a relatively sheltered bay called Blue Lagoon on one of the Barefoot moorings, this is the charter company that we bought the boat from.



Drying the washing

Drying the washing



Every day since moving on has been spent doing jobs on the boat, she has quite a lot of work which needs doing and this will occupy us both for some time to come. I’ve spent the last two days sewing Velcro patches onto the salon cushions because the old stuff has started to come away and Jamie has been sorting out the wiring and batteries. We haven’t sailed her anywhere yet and neither of us can wait! The islands are there beckoning if only we didn’t have so much stuff to sort out.

How about that for a sunset

How about that for a sunset



Life has been a lot more enjoyable since moving into our new home. It’s wonderful being able to cook again and eating it out on the deck is a real treat. We both lay down on deck after dinner tonight and watched the stars which was magical and it makes it feel a bit like we’re camping but my nails are cleaner and I don’t have to wee behind a bush when I wake up in the middle of the night.

12 Responses to Afloat at last

  1. Sharon

    Brilliant news, so glad you are afloat! Happy new home. When’s the “house” warming?
    Sharon x

  2. jane Jellicoe

    Fabulous…..hope you get your sealegs soon, Rachel. It all looks really brilliant, and what sunsets!
    No photos of the bilges?
    And Jamie looks very good as a Magic Badger…..

  3. Dave

    Bit disappointed you didn’t use any of my name suggestions, hope renovations go well

  4. DRA

    Ahoy Magic Bodger !, sod the bilges, get some sails set.


  5. Becky

    Fantastic news! How long to fix things? Also, thought you were disapointed with original name, Magic Badger??!! I don’t understand!! Lots of love. XXXXX

  6. Joe

    Woo hoo! Looking good. Magic Badger? More photos of the boat please!

  7. Joanne

    Ah! So glad you’re afloat at last!! and Yeah more pics of the boat please!! It looks amazing out there – what an adventure!! Am typing this on my most recent adventure… the delights of late-diagnosis dyslexia my new laptop! not quite as thrilling as a boat in the caribs I grant you… ;-P XXX

  8. Joanne

    p.s saw Cheryl today – she was asking after you and becky and kitty – told her about you guys getting hitched and sailing off into the sunset – she was gobsmacked – never seen her lost for words before – hahahaha!! xxx

  9. Nye

    ‘The Magic Badger’ – Truly excellent name my fluffies – How could anyone ever doubt you! And of course the unwritten laws of the sea now dictate that ‘once named, it may never be changed’. Thus, good choice me hearties! Certainly a better name than that Aussi rust-bucket I occupied ‘Shell bright mate’ – she’ll be right mate!
    When’s the Cham-ptism? MORE BOAT PICS!! XXX

  10. Nye

    PS: I’ve done the bilges and agree it is utterly vile…. The smell I remember most vividly?! It’s practically the most fun you can have.., up there with cleaning sea-life off the hull in the shallows with a paint scraper!

    PPS: When are your first available dates for us desperate Europeans in need of a break? hahaha! 😛

  11. Amanda

    Rach, I love your camping comment…clean nails and no outdoor weeing 🙂 The boat sounds fantastic and the sunsets look truly gorgeous, please keep lots of photos and stories coming. I’ve finished on the barge now and the weather is wet and grey, so we’ll need cheering up 🙂 Miss you both loads xxxx

  12. Derek

    all sounds fantastic….really living the dream

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