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Life is too short, the journey begins…

Posted by on August 31, 2011
Jamie & Rachel

The calm before the storm

These pages catalogue the ups and downs of our (Jamie & Rachel’s) quest to break the hum drum routine of everyday life, to get out there and see if the wider world has more to offer.

Our mission is to find a yacht big enough for two people to live on (and sometimes a couple of guests) without killing each other.

We would like to discover the wonderful hidden treasures of the world that are usually only known to locals, walk the countryside, mountains and jungles, find beautiful secluded bays and beaches while supporting ourselves with what work we can find along the way.

We are both extremely hard working, I am a software developer and Rachel is a proficient cook and a qualified teacher, once we have purchased the boat we will have our accommodation and transport, so as a minimum we need to find money for food.

We are under no illusion, we realise that the boat will cost money to maintain and anchoring every night (to avoid mooring costs) will not always be possible, but hopefully we will meet many interesting people along the way and encounter plenty of exciting potential to earn a good living.

10 Responses to Life is too short, the journey begins…

  1. Si

    Ha ha like it! Go for your life you two, you’ll love it. Xxxxxxxx

  2. Sharon

    Loving you blog!
    Hope you have an amazing time, looking forwards to following your adventures here.
    Lots of love x

  3. Nye

    Really..? Yachting round paradisical Islands? When you could be on a Tandem-tour of Morecambe? Aherm…

  4. gill

    Well done jamie and rachel have a truely wonderful adventure of what life brings, we are sure you will embrace lifes wonders and deal with lifes challenges – Be safe be aware and keep a smile on your faces, so many will be enveous of your spirit go go go and enjoy . love G & D xx

    • Barbs

      I love your blog Rach… Keep it up.. The morons are still brain dead!!!!!

  5. Derek

    What a wonderful adventure and your blog is inspiring. Good luck with your quest. Looks like Jamie has already found his treasure x

  6. Lucy

    All the very best of luck to the both of you. Live for every second x x x

  7. Si

    What no news? Come on you two,waiting with baited breath here!!

  8. Nye

    More nice photos! And I can still dream! Such paradise.., so much so in fact, that I’ve almost lost the will to jibe sarcastic..:P I just don’t think you realise the effect your photos have on people trapped in Winter… I even heard there’s a shortage of Prozac since you went online! Take care, play safe XX
    PS: Better to reef the sails early and motor than shred them and roll-over in a squall!

  9. Nye

    Bugger, put that comment in the wrong place and can’t delete it! would you be so kind?

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